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2018 Aug 21

Internet Bank

Internet Banking Services

 Using Tose’e Ta’avon Bank's online banking  you can have access to a variety of services from anywhere in the world, just type in your customer ID number and password and you will be able to use the following items:

● Transferring fund among one self's accounts.

 ● Transferring fund to others' accounts.

 ● Transferring fund among Tose`e Ta`avon Bank's cards.

 ● Transferring fund among cards connected to Shetab network.

 ● Advising the balance of cards connected to Shetab network.

 ● Automatic transferring of fund among oneself or others' accounts in the determined maturity.

● Observing the statements of all transactions.

● Blocking cards.

● Blocking a leaf/leaves of a cheque book.

● Observing the fate of granted facilities (including the amount of debt (separated by Rial or currency), the amount of installments separated by principal and profit, maturity/maturities of repayment).

● Observing the list of all opened accounts with Tose`e Ta`avon Bank and their fate(including the type of deposit, the fate of transactions and account balance).

● Report of issued cheques.

● Report of the fate of delivered checks.

● Payment of bills (through Tose`e Ta`avon Bank's cards and cards connected to Shetab network).

● Group fund transference.