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2020 Jun 01

TTB’s Public Relations Dept. Wins Top Two Ranks in 12th Intl. Symposium

TOSE’E TA’AVON BANK (TTB) won two prestigious ranks in the fields of public relations and communication research in 12th International Public Relations Symposium and 13th Top Public Relations Festival.

As held in National Library Conferences Center, salient activities and performance of the bank were appreciated in the presence of a number of university lecturers working in the field of public relations and communications, the Public Relations of the bank reported.

It should be noted that 12th Intl. Public Relations Symposium and 13th Top Public Relations Festival were held on Wednesday Nov. 16 in National Library Conferences Center with the slogan of “Public Relations and Change for Progress” with the aim of helping boost software movement and science production in Public Relations, showcasing achievements and capabilities of public relations, empowering public relations activists and promoting technical knowhow and knowledge of concerned activists, accrediting precious and valuable activities of public relations, expanding international cooperation in the field of public relations, etc.